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The Mentor

One benefit of the portals is the Mentor function. This function can be taken over by family members or doctors. The Mentor is an adviser who accompanies the user, the so-called Mentee, to reach a better wellness for the Mentee. In the role of a Mentor a doctor or family member will receive an overview of the vital data of the patient/relative. Among other things he can set medication alerts, measurement times and enter the devices into the portal. One Mentor can take care of more than one Mentee. A Mentee can contact his Mentor in different ways: through messages, chat or even videochat! With the portal a distance support is uncomplicated.

Self management

Everyone can pursue with this system a so-called self-management. You can transfer your values, enter interactive status updates, conditions and medication. In this way you can document everything in the system.

Assistance of your family members

Family members of chronically ill persons usually worry about them, but do not have the time to stay with them 24 hours. With the Mentor function you have the possibility to look after your relative from afar and control his vital data. You can also set alerts which will be sent either via e-mail or SMS. For example: Your grandfather did not measure his blood pressure at 8 o‘clock as planed. Then you will receive at 8:30 o‘clock latest an alert via e-mail or SMS that no value has been transmitted.

Alert settings

You can set alerts for medication and measurements. You can choose, if you want to receive the alerts via e-mail or SMS and who should receive the alert, you or your family member. Alerts can be set by a user or a Mentor.
User-friendly and easy

The usage of our smartLAB® devices and data transmitting devices is easy and user-friendly. When everything is set, you just need to measure your vital data and the wireless data transfer will take place automatically.

Create Reports

You can create reports of your values in form of a PDF. Then you can print it out or send it via e-mail to your doctor or another person.

Unique design

Our products and packages have a unique design. They do not necessarily look like medical devices at first view and fit in perfectly into the daily lives of the patients – not only today, also in future!

Complete System

Our system is currently almost the only system, which enables monitoring of a number of chronic illnesses. Diabetes, Blood Pressure, the Metabolic Syndrome and heart problems can be controlled with the help of the system. With hLine you will receive a system „everything from a hand“, from a single manufacturer.