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Our Range

Our range includes blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, body-analyzer-scales and step counter. All devices of the smartLAB® Productfamily, which have an integrated ANT or BLE module, can be used for the portal.


Blood glucose meter with ANT module

For all those who attach importance to a comprehensive diabetes management, the smartLAB®genie+ is suitable. Equipped with a large measured values storage, a clearly legible, illuminated LCD display and ANT module, the smartLAB®genie+ facilitates the diabetes everyday life. The values can be transferred directly after each measurement via ANT and through PC, hFon®plus, hFon®collect, an APP for smart phones and tablets to the portal and then they can be evaluated there.

smartLAB®move+ & smartLAB®move B

Step counter with ANT module

The new smartLAB®move+ and smartLAB®move B is a small round step counter with a diameter of only 27 mm (comparable to a 2 Euro coin). The integrated ANT or BLE technology allows you to transmit the data through PC, hFon®plus, hFon®collect, an APP for smart phones and tablets to the portal. This step counter is available in 6 different colors.

smartLAB®walkP+ & smartLAB®walk B

Step counter with ANT module

The smartLAB®walkP+ and smartLAB®walk B is a flat and modern step counter with a large and good readable display. In addition to the step count, distance and calorie consumption will be calculated and displayed. The integrated ANT or BLE Chip enables a data transfer through a gateway, like a smartphone, to the portal.


Upper-arm blood pressure monitor with ANT module

The smartLAB®profi+ is an upper-arm blood pressure monitor with many useful additional features. It has the latest technology by measuring during inflation for higher comfort. Its large display makes it possible to read the values easily. On two color scale beside the display you can instantly see if the blood pressure is in a normal range (WHO evaluation system). The device has 2 user profiles and a memory for 30 readings each user with date and time. With the smartLAB®profi+ you have an ideal meter for the whole family. The smartLAB®profi+ has an ANT communication interface. The data can be transferred in this way wireless to the portal.


Body-Analyser-Scale with ANT module

The smartLAB®fit+ is a multifunctional scale with an attractive design, with which one can view much more than just his weight. The scale has 8 user profiles and automatic user detection. Besides the display of the body weight, the smartLAB®fit+ displays also body fat and water content as well as muscle and bone mass.

In addition we have also related data collecting units such as the hFon®plus (an Andorid Touchscreen Smartphone with integrated blood glucose meter), a USB Adapter and the hFon®collect. The hFon®collect is a USB stick with a SIM card. This way data can be collected and sent to the internet without using a PC or a mobile phone.

hLine® Gateway APP for smartphones and tablets

Das hFon® plus

Android Smartphone by HMM

Das hFon® collect

The mobile and staionary solution

hLine® USB Adapter

The staionary solution for the PC