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Use your own infrastructure

A benefit oft the hLine System, is that you can choose the infrastructure which fits most into your daily routine:

hLine® Gateway APP for smartphones and tablets

The hLine® Gateway App enables you to use your smartphone or tablet for wireless data transfer to the portal. Your device needs an integrated ANT or BLE technology to enable the data transfer from the different devices.

PC solution

If you possess a computer, which is connected to the Internet, you can choose the PC solution. You only need the hLine® ANT or BLE USB adapter to enable a connection between the portal and your smartLAB® devices.

hLine® USB Adapter

The staionary solution for the PC

The hLine® USB Adapter allows you to transfer your data directly through your computer into the portal. At first you need to install the downloaded software, Afterwards you just need to insert the hLine® USB Adapter into your computer. Now you can transfer your data easily to the portal. The transfer will always take place when you are in reach of the dongle with one of your smartLAB® devices. The Adapter is in an ANT or BLE version available.
Das hFon® plus

Android Smartphone by HMM

The hFon®plus is an Android 4 Touch Screen Smartphone, which contains besides the standard smartphone functions one benefit: an integrated Blood Glucose Monitor. You just need to take one device with you and measure your blood glucose where ever you are. The hFon®plus has an integrated ANT-2 Chip which enables you to use it as a mobile gateway and transfer your data into the portal. Additionally you can download the hLine® app for an easy use to go.

Das hFon® collect

The mobile and staionary solution

The hFon®collect is a mobile and stationary device with a SIM Card slot that transmits the data to the internet without using a PC or mobile phone with internet connection. It was designed in form of a key chain to guaranteed that the data collection device can be carried anywhere by the users, without having to change their daily routine or having to get used to other, more laborious methods of data transmission. The hFon®collect has an integrated ANT chip. This enables the transmission of vital data, which are measured by the smartLAB® products, wirelessly through GSM (GPRS) to the portal.