Go to "member Now" and you select the package which responds to you mostly. Click on the name of the package. Then you are automatically forwarded to our shop.
It depends on your infrastructure. If you have a PC and want a stationary solution, take the hLine adaptor ANT USB. If you have no PC or no internet connection, the hFon collect is the suitable solution for you. You can use the hFon collect as stationary device or as a mobile one. The data are transferred by SIM card to
Our system differs from many other systems, because usability is guaranteed. Many people and particularly older people want to deal with technology just a little. Our system works automatically in the background. You just have to register your data and the devices. Another person can also register you in the system. Just open the products and switch on. After about 10-15 minutes everything automatically appears, so that you can measure immediately.
You can download the hLline gateway software here: Then you can install the software.
At the moment there is no charge for the mentor account. The use of is subject to charges. So the user must register with the serial number of the bought device or by a licence.
If you want no automatic transference over the devices, you can register yourselves as a manual user. Then you receive a free access for one month. If you want to extend, you can do it with the payment module.
If you have bought a hLine package, you will receive at the back of the short instructions a licence code. Enter here in addition to the user names and password the licence code and set the suitable hooklet. The membership corresponds to the duration which was bought with the package. Mostly these are 12 months.
If you own a smartLAB device or have bought one, you can register yourselves with the serial number of the device. Just enter in addition to the user name and password the serial number and set the suitable hooklet. You will automatically receive a free membership for 3 months.
If you have not received an email after the registration after some minutes, it is possible that the email was sent to the spam folder of your mailbox. Please check your spam folder.
A mentor is a responsible person for certain people. This can be a relative or, however, also a doctor or a trainer. The mentor can supervise the people or give recommendations. The system delivers no recommendations.
If a user has a mentor, he can chat with the mentor or can communicate by video conferences. If the user has no mentor this function is switched off.
No. You just have to enter the serial number of a user. If you have registered yourself as a Mentor, you can add several users. Therefore you have to enter the right serial number or the licence code.
No. They can register only the user and can look after him from there. Because these are data of the user, the user must allow the Mentor to access his data. If you want to look after several persons, then the registration is recommended as a mentor.
If your membership expires, your data will be saved for one month. If you decided to extend the membership, you will have access to your data. After that month you will have no access to your data any more.